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iPod Repair Clinic is one of Los Angeles Magazine 152 favorite things. Take a look!

View Rich DeMuro's KCAL 9 feature on the 'IPod Surgeon' Joe Kempe.Click here to view.

View Rich DeMuro's KTLA feature on the 'IPod Surgeon' Joe Kempe.Click here to view.

View a documentary on the creation of the iPod Repair Clinic.Click here to view.

The iPod Repair Clinic diagnoses and remedies most iPod maladies. The ‘iPod Surgeon’ Joe Kempe specializes in diagnosing, repairing and refurbishing all generations of the iPod, Mini, Photo, Touch, Video and the iPhone. The iPod Repair Clinic has been in the computer business for over 18 years and has serviced thousands of iPods from all over the world.  All of the iPod Repair Clinic’s work is guaranteed.

The iPod Repair Clinic can repair everything from a broken click wheel to a clicking hard drive.  Joe the ‘iPod Surgeon’ can remedy your iPod’s broken logic board, audio jack or even hard drive with precision. ‘iPod Surgeon’ Joe’s expert technical skills have been known to resuscitate even the frailest of iPods from near-fatal accidents. Or for preventive care of your iPod, try replacing your old battery with a high-capacity Li-ION battery for a longer life and up to 40% extended playtime. 

Scratched and broken screens and faceplates are no way to go through life when ‘iPod Surgeon’ Joe can have your iPod revitalized with brand spanking new encasements. All LCD screen, faceplate and back cover replacement parts are in stock and feature new lower pricing to satisfy all your iPod repair needs.
Let the iPod Repair Clinic give your iPod an instant ‘facelift’ with a screen or faceplate replacement. The iPod Repair Clinic can provide same-day service on most screen and faceplate replacements so you can spend less time in the waiting room.      
The surgeon’s philosophy on iPod repair is simple; know the iPod inside-out. How did the surgeon come to know the subtle science of iPod repair? The answer is even simpler; he has been fixing micro computers for over eighteen years and refined his skills to work on even smaller micro computers, namely iPods.  As a testament to the surgeon’s skill, the iPod Repair Clinic’s business cards are handed out by the Apple stores in Pasadena, The Promenade in Santa Monica, The Glendale Galleria, The Manhattan Village, Sherman Oaks and The Beverly Center. The iPod Repair Clinic has put smiles on thousands of faces.       
Let the iPod Repair Clinic revitalize your cosmetically or internally damaged iPod with our guaranteed service provided by computer expert ‘iPod Surgeon’ Joe. The iPod Repair Clinic welcomes new patients and walk-ins. 
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iPod Repair Clinic is not affiliated with, nor have any of our products been endorsed by Apple Computer, Inc.

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